The Vidyalaya uniform is compulsory on all Vidyalaya working days, National festivals and Vidyalaya functions. A pair of uniform set must be kept apart to be worn on special occasions. Students are not allowed to wear colour dress or distribute sweets or any article on their birthdays. In case if they want to give sweets arrangements will be made in the School, but have to inform to the School well in advance. Students should come to the Vidyalaya clean and tidy. Hair should be well trimmed and combed. Nails must be kept clean and filed regularly. Black ribbons must be used to tie the hair. Colour ribbons and colour hair bands should not be used. Students are not permitted to wear long dangling ear rings or any gold jewellery.


Examination Scheme, Progress Report and Promotion Criteria

We try to assess a child throughout the year and not at the end of the academic year. The assessment is done based on the academic knowledge, participation in the co-curricular activites and application skills.

The assessment includes both scholastic and co scholastic areas.
Assessment is done in two terms (I to V)
I Semester - June to September
II Term - October to April

There are two formative assessment and one summative assessment in every semester. The formative assessment includes assessment of various skills and activities with the curricular knowledge.
Summative assessment in the traditional method of testing the curriculum

Classes – VI and above

1. It has 2 Exams (Mid-term & annual) Each subject having 80 marks paper,

2. Two (out of four) Periodic Tests: Carrying 5 marks.

3. Remaining 15 marks will be of the internal assessment i.e. 5 marks for Subject Enrichment and 5 marks for Multiple Assessments, 5 mark for portfolio.

4. Computer subject shall have 40 marks theory & 60 marks for Practical.
Co-curricular Activities based on Discipline, Attendance, Sincerity, Behaviour, Values, Health & Physical Education, Art & work Education shall be graded on A to C grades.